Alternative Therapy

Supplements are very useful tools for our body. With proper nutrition our body is strong and able to fight to disease on it's own. Many people are malnourished because of over used and depleted soil, processed foods, high caloric innutritious food, and a lack of knowledge about health. La Salud can help.

Rapid aging, cell damage, and disease and degeneration can then spread throughout the entire body when it becomes too acidic.


With the proper diet, nutrients, attitude, exercise, and water, we give the body the tools it needs to heal itself and be healthy.

​For life threatening or degenerating conditions:

  • The pH of the saliva is usually below 6.0.

  • Mix 1 full bottle of the Monatau Extreme with 2 TBSP of Thrive Multi-Nutrient in 16 oz of alkaline water and drink for as many days as you are years old; for example, if you are 45 years old do this for 45 days.

For serious but not life threatening health conditions:


access our


for specific ailments

What works for someone else isn't always right for you.


Get your very own health coach, food plan, and tailor-made supplement plan. 

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