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Alcohol-free liquid formulas

Alcohol depletes your body's B-vitamins, breaks down cell tissues and brain neurons, and deprives your body of oxygen.  

A liquid can be given to either a baby or senior citizen with complete confidence knowing that the herbs and vitamins are being absorbed, money isn't wasted, and typically 1 oz. of liquid with natural vegetable glycerin as the preservative is = to the medicinal properties of up to 160 capsules!

​​For general maintenance and overall wellbeing:

One dropper of the Monatau Extreme per 50 pounds body weight per day along with 1 TBSP of Thrive Multi-Nutrient and 3 capsules of the Intestinal Tune Up. The Tune Up will help to cleanse and thoroughly absorb the nutrients allowing the body to feed, cleanse, and repair itself better.

Check your pH and adjust your dosage accordingly (we prefer Micro Essential Labs pHydrion Vivid paper roll pH test strips).

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