Our Passionflower Flower Essence Tincture dissolves nervous tension, and promotes restful sleep and spiritual insight.



FlorAlchemy was the first to bring this type of bioactive and multidimensional preparation of flowers to the world. It contains flower essences, floral alcohol extracts (tincture), and biocompatible floral essential oils. Together, their combined action of concentration creates a synergetic and powerful dynamic to directly address physical health and psychological well-being.

Flower Essence Tinctures differ from traditionally made flower essences. Because a Flower Essence Tincture represent a wide range of bioactive floral concentrations, they are much more focused on stimulating the body directly to create physical health and wellbeing. On the other hand, traditionally made flower essences have a more psychological function and generally they work indirectly on the physical body by addressing emotional, mental and soul components of physical imbalance. Therefore, the Flower Essence Tinctures give an additional level of action. Similarly, we have found that by combining levels of concentration, the therapeutics of each component is amplified. In other words, the flower tincture component makes the flower essence component work even better and so on.

Therefore, we can think about choosing a Flower Essence Tincture when we would like to integrate the bioactive and purifying action of the flowers for physical health and well-being while simultaneously addressing our emotions, mind and soul.




    Passionflower’s otherworldly blossoms have enjoyed many ethnobotanical uses that support harmonious living in modern times. Expert at relaxing the nervous system to counteract agitation, restlessness, excessive