A revitalizing masque to reveal luminous skin.



A revitalizing masque to reveal luminous skin. The finest natural ingredients work harmoniously to purify, hydrate, smooth and illuminate all skin types. Radiance Skin Clay was formulated by Sara Crow, L.Ac. and boasts some of the most potent and revered substances from around the world for skin health and beauty. It contains a rejuvenating blend of hydrating and purifying clays from around the world, such as Rhassoul clay from Morocco, pure top-grade botanical antioxidants, and Asian skin secrets known to beautify and soften, such as premium 100% fresh water pearl, organic Schizandra berry, and organic rose petal. Our Radiance Skin Clay is a highly therapeutic pure botanical treasure that will leave your skin hydrated, youthful, and radiantly smooth even after just one application. Gently exfoliates when used as a mask. This gentle and mineral-rich masque is appropriate for all skin types. 


  • Pink Kaolin Clay
  • Rose Kaolin Clay
  • French Green Montmorillonite Clay
  • Moroccan Rhassoul Clay
  • Activated PureTrans Resveratrol
  • Pearl Powder 100% pure, levigated premium grade fresh water
  • Organic Schizandra fruit powder
  • Organic Rose Petal powder




    In a small bowl, mix 1-2 teaspoons of dry mask together with one of our hydrosols or spring water until it is a medium thick consistency. Apply over face, neck and décolletage. Allow mask to dry completely (about 7-10 mins). Remove the mask with warm or cool water. Spray the skin generously with one of our hydrosols, such as Rose. Follow with the Nectar of Immortelle and Radiant Glow serums for maximum hydration and rejuvenation.

    Note: Radiance Skin Clay can also be used as a spot treatment. Gentle enough for daily use for some skin types. Dry, mature and sensitive skin types may find that the mask is appropriate once or twice a week.



    • Moroccan Rhassoul Clay - Rhassoul, also called Ghassoul, is a super fine ancient clay that comes from the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. It comes from deep within the earth and has been used for over 12 centuries in North Africa, South Europe and the Middle East. This highly therapeutic clay is known clinically to reduce dryness by 79%, improve skin clarity by 68%, and improve skin texture by 106%. It is rich in important skin nourishing minerals such as silica, magnesium, iron, beneficial calcium and potassium. It helps detoxify the skin through its purifying and cleansing properties.
    • Pink Kaolin Clay is a gentle clay, making it suitable for dry, mature and sensitive skin types. This beautiful earthy pink clay hydrates, stimulates circulation, gently exfoliates and cleanses every skin type.
    • French Green Montmorillonite Clay This highly therapeutic clay efficiently draw toxins from the skin while offering the topical nutrition that the skin requires, such as minerals and phytonutrients. It purifies, cleanses and exfoliates the skin while improving circulation, tone and renewal.
    • Rose Kaolin Clay A mineral rich mild clay that provides topical nutrition while purifying and gently exfoliating the skin.
    • Schizandra fruit (Schisandra shininess) Schizandra is known as the "quintessence of Chinese tonic herbs” and has been used throughout time to promote radiant, healthy skin. It beautifies the skin, protects from environmental damage, and helps the skin to hold its moisture more easily, producing a pumping effect. It is said that using schizandra over time will cause the skin to virtually glow and become clear and fine. We use Dragon Herbs 100% premium wild Schizandra berries from Changbai Mountain, picked in their prime, and extracted at low temperature using a proprietary technique to assure that all the major phytonutrients are preserved. The essential oils are captured in the process and re-introduced to the powder, making this the finest highly concentrated Schizandra in the world.
    • Pearl powder is one of the most precious substances from the Orient. Our Pearl powder comes from Dragon Herbs which utilizes the very latest technology to produce the finest pearl powder available in the world. They employ a cutting edge grinding technology known as levigation to produce their Pearl powder. This super fine Pearl powder is easily assimilated and utilized by the body, providing a range of novel constituents that can support radiant skin. This pearl powder is a very concentrated bioavailable substance that is rich in minerals, amino acids and co-factors to deeply nourish the skin. Using Pearl powder with a high-quality diet can help prevent the age-related development of many concerns such as age spots, dark patches, sagging, and lines that form on the skin.
    • Organic Rose Petal Powder One of the very best botanicals that has been used throughout time to enhance skin health and radiance. Our organic rose petal powder purifies, calms, reduces redness, hydrates, and tones all skin types. For maximum benefit, use our Rose Flower Essence Tincture internally to nourish the skin from the inside.
    • Resveratrol, 99% pure trans-resveratrol, and pure organic Muscadine grape skins Evidence is rapidly building to show that various antioxidants act synergistically to support the cells of the body and to support and maintain the healthy functioning of bodily tissues. Our Dragon Herbs’ PureTrans™ Resveratrol provides a synergistic blend of naturally occurring antioxidant phytonutrients in a balanced and concentrated form. Resveratrol, a phytochemical produced in grapes and other plants in response to environmental challenges, supports cellular integrity. It contains SIRT1, an enzyme that contributes to cellular regulation and maintenance of DNA functions.
      Muscadine grapes are resistant to many insects and diseases to which other grapes are susceptible, and this “immunity” is generally attributed to their extremely high antioxidant content, and in particular to their rich resveratrol, catechin and quercetin content. Muscadine grape skin contains 11 potent antioxidants, including resveratrol, that are important for supporting skin health. They are also a source of ellagic acid, an antioxidant with a wide range of actions and benefits.

    More: What is “Levigated” Pearl Powder? Studies conducted over the past several years have proven that the best way to use Pearl is to use it whole. The traditional problem with using whole Pearl powder was that it was difficult to grind fine enough to make it highly bioavailable. Recent advancements in grinding technology now allow the Pearl to be ground into a powder that is very close to nano-sized. This powder is easily and completely absorbed by the skin and body.

    The Technique Now Used Is Known As Levigation:

    • High-grade Pearl is ground in water using circular motion.
    • Fine powder is suspended in the water.
    • The water is removed, thus separating the suspended powder from non-suspended heavier powder.
    • More water is added and the grinding continues until all pearl powder is “extracted” (goes into suspension).
    • This will also separate the center impurity (the “seed” that starts the pearl) from the actual pearl powder.
    • The solution with “extracted” pearl in suspension is left to settle so the pearl deposits on the bottom.
    • The deposited pearl is then dried.
    • This “levigated” Pearl powder is almost nano-sized and is thus very easy for the human body to absorb.

    *This product contains only natural ingredients and may vary slightly in color. 

    Bottle Size: 40 g


    RADIANCE SKIN CLAY by Floracopeia