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Hi I'm Audrey!

My Why...

Hi! I'm Audrey

At 24 years-old I was diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer. I underwent 13 weeks of chemotherapy, had a half dozen surgeries, and fought for my life for a year-and-a-half. Since 2000 I have researched and followed the advice of naturopathic, holistic, and alternative doctors from all over the world, all of this brought me to where I am today, healthy and cancer-free. I decided to open this store so that I could put all the products I have found to be effective and most beneficial, thus making my pain, your gain.


With all the research and expertise out there, we are all on our own independent journey and each thing we do adds to our wholeness, or takes away from it. Doctors are "practicing medicine" and not all supplements and foods are beneficial at every point in our life. Two golf ball sized tumors completely disappeared, after I made some easy diet changes and took 3 specific supplements: the Thrive Multi-Nutrient, Monatau Extreme, and Intestinal Tune-Up

Although the FDA is testing the Monatau Extreme currently making it unavailable until testing is complete, I continue to use the products here and remain cancer-free and healthy because I do. The opportunity now, is for you to do the same.

Check out the Reference Guide for help with what specifically ails you and good luck, I'm sending blessings your way! Thanks for stopping by. All the best to you and yours! xoxo








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Me at 25 on the road to recovery. 

August 2002

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