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You are a unique individual and your needs are different than other's.

Get your very own health coach, diet plan, and supplement regimen with ​La Salud's Health Coach!


This program begins with an eye reading to determine your current health. Your coach will then create a personalized program that fits your health needs based on your eye reading. You receive a full printout of your health concerns, a simple diet to help you achieve your goals, recomendations for your herbal and supplemental products, and health support from your coach.


You will receive:


  • Eye Reading and Results Consultation

  • Supplement plan 

  • Personalized Diet

  • Specific Health Information

Receive health and receive health information on what causes health problems, specifically related to you, plus learn how to prevent them from recurring in the future.

Get your health where you want it with our Health Coaching or we will give you a full refund, no questions asked! 

Work with La Salud's experienced Health Coach and determine what you need to get healthy and stay that way!



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all for only $124.99! 

Once ordered, we will contact you with specific instructions on how to proceed.

Please contact us if you have any questions at all. Contact info is below.

The eye's iris tells a great story of where we've been and even of what we can become:

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