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By far the best!


"I feel more energetic during the day since taking the Thrive Multi-Nutrient.

I've also been using the Female Velvet Antler, just one dropper full per day and it is really working well. I forgot to take it (yesterday) and didn't have any sweats last night - shock! I'll keep weaning myself off the nutritionist prescribed capsule because I can take the Female Velvet Antler only as needed and I can do that at night if I need it."





Impressed with quick surgery recovery!

"I wanted to thank you for your vitamin consult you provided for me post surgery. It's been 10 days since surgery and I feel great! Something is really working, I have so much energy and my knee feels pretty darn good. This was my 5th knee surgery and I don't think I have ever felt this good 10 days post op in the past. The Comfrey Extract you recommended must really be helping. I'm impressed, about 20 minutes after I take the Thrive Multi Nutrient in the mornings I'm ready for the day! I'm so glad I found these products!" 



It tastes great.

Weight loss and healthier muscles.

Without trying!

"I've lost 5 pounds, 2 inches, and feel thinner in my abdominal area taking the Thrive Multi-Nutrient.

My massage therapist told me that my muscles were less sensitive than when I first started getting regular massages. I asked her what that means. She said "they are healthier!" The only thing I have changed is taking this product."


"Despite the green color of the Thrive Multi-Nutrient there's an essence of orange taste. It tastes good!"


Safe for babies and toddlers too!

Within the first few minutes of me taking the Thrive Multi-Nutrient, I felt so much energy! It was like I was wired! I love that it's so safe and gentle, I give it to my 20 month old daughter, and I breast feed my 3 month old son. My daughter loves it and asks for her "juice."


Better sleep.

"I'm sleeping so well and so sound and it's been just 3 days taking the Female Velvet Antler."


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